We only host for life sciences companies, so we know what you need.

We understand how critical your data are and how important it is that you can always access your environments. Our systems run to a 99.5% uptime in secure data centres, so you’ll benefit from complete peace of mind.


Together with our  ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System we deliver GxP compliant hosting across two dedicated German data centres.


We have been hosting for more than 10 years and our customers include some of the top ten CRO and pharmaceutical companies.

Specialist applications

We run our own applications, designed specifically for the industry, including psiXchange and psiODM

Oracle Argus ready

Running Oracle Argus and other products in the Health Sciences Suite

100% compliant

We host any third party applications required to comply with industry regulations


Our systems run to a 99.5% uptime in secure data centres with full redundancy throughout



To discover how our applications can help you, speak to one of the team.

More information

Our innovative applications are designed and built specifically for the life sciences industry and are aimed at optimising processes and ensuring full compliance.


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