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Event schedule for 2018

in various locations on 1 January 2018

We are sponsoring the events below. We look forward to seeing you there.

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April – Oracle Industry Connect, New York

June 7th and 8th – OmniComm EU Innovation Forum, Bonn
June 18th and 19th – Pharma IT Compliance, Bonn

June 20th– German PV Day, Frankfurt

October 3rd and 4th – PIPA conference, Windsor, UK

October 10th – Benelux PV day,  Amsterdam

October 24th  – Nordic PV Day, Copenhagen

October 29th and 30th  – OmniComm Innovation Forum, Fort Lauderdale

German Pharmacovigilance Day, 2017

in Frankfurt, Germany on 4 May 2017

DE ePharma day

We are once again proud to sponsor this event.

PV and Vigilance duties and challenges in the practice: What are and might be the typical problems and how to (re)act?

Take a look at the agenda and register for the event here.



German Pharmacovigilance Day 2016

in Berlin, Germany on 14 April 2016

We are pleased to be speaking at this interesting looking event. More information is available here.
EU-Challenges in Pharmacovigilance/Vigilance: “Hot Topics in 2016”

2016 will be a very challenging year for all people dealing with safety of drugs, biologics and devices.

Further to the EMA-projects we have to consider that compliance with regulatory guidance becomes much more complicated and pragmatic approaches are key.

The PhVDay 2016 will provide solutions on how to handle with medication errors, MLM, E2B updates, inspection readiness, and risk management. The key for every PV-system is the adequate interaction between Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Further perspectives of product safety will be addressed for NCEs, Biologics and Medical Devices and the responsibilities cleared for the MAH and legal functions like EU-QPPV and local PV contact persons.

6th Annual Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management strategies conference with Fleming Europe.

in Munich, Germany on 27 January 2016

We are sponsoring this event for the 3rd consecutive year.  The team at Fleming have put together an impressive speaker panel which you can find here.


Good Pharmacovigilance is based on reliable information leading to an effective assessment of the risk-benefit balance which is crucial both in the clinical development and postmarketing safety of medicines. Therefore, understanding the latest regulations is essential. Pharmacovigilance has radically changed over the last few years, the ever changing global and local regulatory demands have put a lot of stress on the pharmaceutical, biotech companies and all stakeholders involved. Now, more than ever, companies are looking for effective tools to meet the increasing regulatory demands and harmonise PV activities. This premier event aims to give all stakeholders in Pharmacovigilance a better understanding on how to better manage drug safety across the all departments.


PIPA Conference

in London on 14 October 2015

We will be attending the Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association (PIPA) conference in October.

Look out for the write-up of our key points from this important industry event.

PV Day, Copenhagen, October 2015

in Copenhagen on 6 October 2015

Registration is available here.

From the event summary:

“Pharmacovigilance is evolving rapidly and is becoming ever-important in the pharmaceutical industry. Health Authorities are continuously focusing on this area, and new legislation and policies from EU, as well as globally, are driving changes to processes and Technologies. Current PV trends include efficiency and performance of qualitative/empiric signal detection, joined activities in PASS and interdependencies in RMPs, complexities between company and EU- or local QPPV, the growing relevance of audits and training at PV inspections and the adequate methods of the continuous benefit/risk assessment of medicinal products. In addition, the pertinent role of quality assurance and the respective methods to be developed for every subject as well as the legal aspects based on law and adjudgement will be addressed in order to support the right decision making. Well-known speakers in pharmacovigilance from authorities, pharma industry, law office and service provider will discuss together openly supporting appropriate solutions if applicable”.

The event is organised and run together with logo-easy_b-3

French ePharma Day 2015

in Paris on 25 November 2015

We are really pleased to be sponsoring our first ePharma day following the success of the PV day events that we have supported in the last couple of years.

The theme for the event, at the end of the year, is “Challenges with the new European Regulation and Data Transparency”

Registration is available here.

The event is organised and run together with logo-easy_b-3

OmniComm Innovation Forum

in Delray Beach, FL USA on 28 October 2015

For the fifth consecutive year, OmniComm Systems, a leading provider of electronic data capture technology, brings together industry thought leaders and life science organizations to explore and discuss how innovations in electronic data capture can meet your organizations’ demanding clinical research and development requirements.

We will be there as a Gold Sponsor, talking about our work with TrialOne and TrialMaster.

Find out more here:

DIA meeting, June 2015

in Washington, DC on 14 June 2015

We will be at the DIA meeting next week in Washington.

Lots to talk about as we have many new customers working with us on Argus rapidLIVE and also psiXchange is being rolled out across more CROs in the coming months.

Hope to see many of you there.