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State of the Art Datacentres


Highest Levels of Compliancy, Privacy and Reliability


ISO Compliant Processes


Serve Top 10 Global Lifesciences And CRO Companies

Our two GxP compliant datacentres, located in Germany, are where we deploy business critical applications to our lifesciences customers.

We own and maintain the physical infrastructure and control physical access to the servers, meaning your vital data will always be securely maintained and you know where it is.


We primarily host Oracle Argus Safety, and psiXchange, our own software for automated Safety Document distribution, together with a limited number of third-party applications for Clinical Data Management and EDC

We have been hosting for more than 10 years our customers include many of the top global pharmaceutical and CRO companies.

With our focus on life sciences, and a focused range of applications to maintain, our team of technical experts and DBAs know and understand the business usage for each of these systems inside out. This means not only a strict adherence to chance control and system maintenance processes, but also leads to improved support capabilities.

We have been hosting for more than 10 years and our customers include many of the top global pharmaceutical and CRO companies.

Our technical team works closely with your business teams to ensure that we adapt the environments to suit your needs. Thanks to our flexible infrastructure we can scale up or down resources as needed. The technical and support teams work hand in hand to ensure that we deliver more than “just” a hosting platform. It’s something that is tailored to your needs and with complete flexibility.

As a smaller organisation, with a focus on PV, we can provide tailored services, from deployment through support to fit your exact needs.

With multiple audits from leading CRO and pharmaceutical companies throughout the year our QA group ensures that all activities are conducted under the guidance of our ISO systems.


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Our innovative applications are designed and built specifically for the life sciences industry and are aimed at optimizing processes and ensuring full compliance.

PV Services

Our consulting team has expertise in installation, training, migration, upgrade, validation and admin support to meet any of your PV needs.