Oracle Argus Safety remains the leading global PV database.

The hosted offering is based on rapidLIVE, an accelerated, ready-to-use implementation offered in collaboration with Oracle for small and mid-sized customers. This unique implementation approach is not only focused on price, which still remains a core advantage, but is also designed to deliver the following benefits in a fixed price package;

Software as a Service for Oracle Argus Safety takes this even further by providing immediate access to a ready-to-use Argus environment.

The Approach

The SaaS approach for Oracle Argus safety includes access to a dedicated production tenant within a multi-tenant Argus environment.

This tenant is pre-configured with a ready to use workflow and all required access rights and a complete set of System Acceptance Test scripts has been executed.

Each new customer is provided access to a dedicated tenant, created as a clone of the master tenant. This allows for secure safety case management within a controlled environment.

A training instance with an identical configuration is also provided.

pharmasol maintains patches on the Argus environment and communicates with clients regarding the applicable patch application and timing on an ongoing basis.